Is this You? You are a student trying to figure out what academic programs you should embark on, or a young person at the threshold of adult life, deciding on the “right” career path that will lead you to success, after varsity life. Or you have been in your job for a while and you have a sneaky feeling that you have outgrown your job, or it has outgrown you. You are at the crossroad of your career and you ask: Should I go or Should I stay?

You are stuck in transition.


What Do I Do? Using Crown Ministries, Inc.’s Career Direct® online career assessment tool as a baseline, I can help you gain clarity into what career paths and occupations to explore, based on your personality, interests, skills and abilities and your life values. I will coach you to:

  • Evaluate your current career situation and realign it to your core values, career aspirations and future outlook.
  • Assess your suite of competencies and “perceived worth” at your current position and map out any gaps
  • Identify real and perceived mental blockages that prevent you from enjoying your current career
  • Consider “should-I-go-or-should-I-stay” options



  • Clarity on possible career paths for informed decision-making and strategies
  • A more positive, energized outlook about your career path that is linked to your true passions, life purpose and core values
  • Increased awareness of self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your highest potential at your present career point
  • Practical skills to break bad habits and reinforcing with more empowering ones
  • Repertoire of practical tools and strategies to improve your work productivity and outcomes, leading to a satisfying career
  • Step-by-step plan of action to achieving your career goals