What is the Path™?

The Path is based on Laurie Beth Jones’ international best selling book, The Path: Creating Your Mission for Work and Life.* It is a unique resource for guiding you to create a clearly defined mission statement (Why am I here), the vision (How does the future look like) and an action plan (What actions to take to get from here to there).

“Your personal mission directs your focus and cut away what is not needed on your journey while holding on to the pieces that move you closer to your preferred vision. It tells you what you are meant to be doing in your life, using all your potential and talents.” – L.B. Jones, The Path

HOW – What Does the Path entail?

The Path comprises four parts:

  1. Begin fully embracing who you are, delving into your past, looking at your personality, your fears and aspirations, and the people and circumstances that have shaped your life thus far.
  2. Write your mission statement, with the full appreciation and embrace of your personality, fears and aspirations, talents and passion.
  3. Visualise how that life is going to look like when you start living your mission.
  4. Make all this possible with Eight Action Step Plan to Make It Happen.

What Can You Expect?


In this process, expect to be AWAKEN. Expect to be the Designer of your own life. Expect to become more conscious of your unconscious. Expect to be changed inside out.

Expect to reboot your current thinking system, rewire the usual way you think and feel about everyday things, and expect to see things differently instead of being in the same old rut day-in, day-out. Expect the seemingly impossible from yourself


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