Is this You? Finally, you got the big career break and a plane ticket to an exotic country in the emerging markets to start your assignment there. As a global manager, you are eager to make the right impressions and do your home country office proud, but you realize you are making far more cultural faux pas than necessary with the local staff! You are frustrated because you simply can’t grasp the myriad of cultural nuances and minefields. You are stuck in transition.

What Do I Do? I coach global managers like you to use their cultural intelligence (CQ) to adapt quickly and operate effectively in their new cross-cultural workplace. Using the Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS™) as the baseline, I can help you understand your current CQ level, and then on specific areas to increase the CQ level and find more creative ways to increase their cultural awareness and applications in your expatriate assignment.

Outcomes? Higher CQ, increased personal productivity and workplace effectiveness, better appreciation of host country culture, the local staff and expectations.