What is Coaching?

There are at least a million ways of explaining what coaching is but I like this quote (most likely made by Lao Tzu, but hey, we can’t be 100% sure!) that encapsulates what coaching gives.

Catch a man a fish

Feed him for a day

Teach him how to fish

And feed him for life

Coaching frequently involves self-reinvention, as sparked by an inner change and transformation. The coaching process is driven by a sense of curiosity (or frustration) about one’s placement on earth and ask, “is there more to life than this?” or “What am I here for?”

Coaching begins with a confidential relationship between the coach and the coachee (or the Client) where the coach provides a safe environment and the necessary tools for the Client to engage in self-exploration and self-discovery. Throughout the process, the Client learns how to peel back her various layers of Self and begins to approach problem-solving more creatively in her own sphere of influence – home, workplace or community. The coach plays the role of a “Sherpa” and with her professional coaching “toolbox” that is equipped with creative tools and methodologies that help to ignite self-awakening and jumpstart the creative process.

The coach-sherpa walks alongside the coachee to conquer her own Everest and in that process, be enlightened about her own strengths and potential, and be able to tell the difference between real limitations and limiting beliefs that prevent her from living out the life that she desires.

People who engage coaches to walk alongside their life journeys are interested in learning more about who they are and who they are meant to be; how to harness their latent strengths and potential to surmount their personal fears and reservations, in order to live abundantly, beyond their current status quo.

Are you one of them?