Is this You? You have just stepped into a new leadership position but the “shoe” may be a little bigger than you initial thought. You feel out of depth. Or you don’t know how to get out of this transition phase and quickly accelerate your performance in your new role. You are stuck in transition.

What Do I Do? I help you recalibrate your performance goals and expectations, in light of your new work scope and skill requirements. Depending on your specific work issues, we can work on closing key skills gaps, be it in negotiations, time-management, managing emotions, leading change in your workplace, or other you-specific areas that you want to work on.

Throughout our coaching conversations, we will address some of your limiting beliefs and mental blocks that are preventing you from achieving your desired performance levels. We will also bring to focus your life values and reflect on how they influence your work philosophy. This is important because much of the work stress executives experience through time is due impart to the misalignment of career goals and life values.


  • “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” (BHAGs) established to direct purposeful and “actionable” work tasks that would achieve awesome personal and professional results
  • Awareness of limiting beliefs and reframing skills to replace them with positive and energizing ones.
  • Removal of internal roadblocks and resistance to achieve BHAGs
  • Increased reflection skills and emotional intelligence to better deal with workplace stress and challenges
  • Repertoire of practical tools and strategies to improve your work performance
  • Renewed work passion that is infused with your life purpose and values