Is this You? Perhaps you’ve recently updated your Facebook relationship status, finally earned the “empty nester” badge, left your home country and career to be a trailing spouse, or just stuck in an extended period of “blah” where you are neither here nor there.  You are in a transition phase where you have left the familiar terrain and ventured into the unknown, but you have yet to reap the benefits of the transition. You are stuck in transition.


What Do I Do? I work with my clients to work through the following questions:confusedsignposts

  • What is my purpose in life? Is there more to it that this present life I am leading?
  • Do I have a higher calling? How do I go about answering that call? Should I?
  • How do I get unstuck and live life to the fullest, instead of just “existing”?


I facilitate part of the self-discovery process, using Laurie Beth Jones’ The Path™ program to help clients find their life purpose through a series of exercises that include:

  • Crafting out their life mission statements (why am I here?)
  • Writing out their vision (what does it look like if I live out my mission?) and
  • Building up a concrete plan (how do I get from here to there?) to realize their vision and live out their mission.



  • A crystal-clear Mission Statement that reminds you everyday why you are here on earth and serves as your guidepost to all major decisions in life and at work.
  • A Big, Hairy, Audacious Vision that serves as a powerful visual blueprint of how your future looks like when you really live out your mission
  • A step-by-step PLAN (actionable!!) to activate your mission and realize your vision.
  • A more fulfilled and purposeful person, living a full and satisfied life.