Survive or Die: Ignite your cultural intelligence to thrive in an increasingly global and borderless frontier 

Today, many executives face increasingly tough international assignments abroad with little or no preparations to deal with real challenges of adapting to complex cross-cultural environments. While it is said that every global executive has the potential to survive and thrive in new and challenging environments, data has shown that not everyone is successful in “crossing over” the cross cultural divide to contribute significantly in their new contexts.



Discover how Cultural Intelligence or CQ™ can help individuals adapt and adjust effectively in a new environment, enhance their personal effectiveness and job performance within their culturally diverse teams, increase personal well being and improve organizational profitability.


What is Cultural Intelligence*?

Cultural Intelligence or CQ™ is a person’s capability or “X factor” to operate and thrive in culturally diverse situations. The CQ quotient measures the person’s internal drive, cognitive and behavioral capabilities required to function effectively across inter-cultural contexts, including ethnic, national, generational and organizational cultures.

CQ is grounded on multiple intelligences theory and is currently the only cross-cultural framework that is based on rigorous academic research, peer reviewed and validated.

CQ, while theoretical-based, focuses on business performance and outcomes. Research results have consistently showed that individuals and organizations with improved CQ demonstrate:

  • More effective cross-cultural adaptability and decision-making
  • Enhanced job performance
  • Improved Creativity and Innovation
  • Increased Profitability and Cost-savings.



This one-day workshop provides you an introduction to the 4-step CQ Model, with a heavy emphasis upon its application to day-to-day intercultural situations.

You will receive your individual/multi-rater CQ assessment* results, case studies and best practices for using cultural intelligence as you work across borders and interact on multicultural teams. And you leave with an action plan for improving your cultural intelligence.



At the end of this workshop you will:

  1. Increase self-awareness of the affects of culture upon your role
  2. Develop and apply cultural intelligence at work and beyond
  3. Improve personal effectiveness and job performance within your culturally diverse teams and with your global customers.



  • Executives who are currently working across cultures
  • New expatriate leaders or executives about to be assigned to work in another culture
  • Executives working in projects where cultural partnership is important to business success
  • HR executives who are looking for effective onboarding and training programs to orientate their expatriate leaders
  • Managers who are keen to improve cross-cultural effectiveness in their diverse teams


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